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Kay H.

The people at Mortgage Gumbo have been a blessing from God. My experience was that of caring individuals who patiently supported me through the struggles of an exceptionally exhausting loan process involving the IRS. I will be forever grateful as it is because of Mortgage Gumbo that I am still resting comfortably in the home that means so much to me. God bless ALL of you, in particular, Kristy Haynen, who worked tirelessly to help make my dreams come true.

Greg G.

Mortgage Gumbo and Dwayne Stein made my purchase of a second home a reality. Even though we were working in two different states and needed me to provide a bunch of documentation, Dwayne assured me if I did my part, he and his team would do theirs. Dwayne held true to his word. He closed my loan in under three weeks.

Dwayne B.

Dwayne,  and all of you at Cross Country I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  What you did for us will last a lifetime, a lifetime of kids coming home, their home not some quasi home as it was before, it is all ours!

I wanted to get on the air with you today Dwayne to let people know you are real and not just entertainment, even though you put on a great show, you really reach out and answer people like me that threw a Hail Mary, but I did not need to because you and your team were there to make it happen.

I see that “New Day USA commercial.”  They use a very attractive former Marine as the spokesperson and then an Admiral, but in the end, it is Bull Shine.  They act to be concerned for Veterans, they are not, and such a nice person.

Your team is the real deal and I’d never go anywhere else and I will always refer someone to snap, send, and save, Dat Com

David B.

I gotta tell yall, I am so grateful for all that you have done for us. Very professional and so very friendly is how we were treated. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate how you made it such a pleasant experience especially when we were so disappointed by banks that we have done business with for years. It was amazing how you just powered on through everything even being faced with these crazy times that we are in. Anything I can do to promote Mortgage Gumbo I am doing!!!! … Thanks again yall …